YAK time life records CAP543

As with all a/c certain components have life times, expressed in hours in use and calendar time between overhaul. The YAK series of aircraft are no different. The CAA publication CAP 543 is a very convenient means of recording these. The example shown below is not an exhaustive list but those on page one only!!

CAP 543 details

All a/c coming to the register or those renewing Permits to fly must have this document raised.

Description Part Number Life Limit


Propeller V530TA-D35 500/6
Air Bottle LM-375a-11-50 -/5
Air Bottle LM-375a-3-50 -/5
Speed Indicator US-450K 1000/5
Meter AM-9S 2000/5
Vacuum Pressure Gauge MV-16K 1500/6
Cylindrical Thermometers TTT-13 6000/5
Fuel Pressure Transducers P-1B 1000/4
Oil Pressure Transducers PM-15B 1000/4
Bottles Pressure Gauge 2M-80K 1000/4
Flexible pipes as fitted* -/6

The above life’s are times between, check calibration, OH or test.

Propeller overhaul is Β£3450 GBP, pipes Β£65 each with 26 fitted on the YAK 52, 20 on YAK 50 and 32 on YAK 18T.

Remaining life items can be accomplished within 6 hours testing and works.

The above is not a definitive list, refer to OEM documentation.

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