YAK 12 check list

YAK 12M check list.



Kick the tyres, nothing about to fall off etc.

Oil level > 8 litres.

Fuel levels OK.

Turn engine 9 blades; watch for the oil draining from exhausts.


Internal / starting.

All switches off, mags off etc.

Fuel OK.

Air on.

Brakes on.

Fuel on.

Mixture rich.

Close oil cooler.

Close carb heat.

Open Gills.

Flaps up.

For cold start;

If you have an assistant,

9 blades, 1 prime each.

Otherwise, 8 primes, suck in, then 2 more.

For warm start,

1 prime per 10° below 100 cylinder head temp.

Master switch on.

Generator on.

DC converter.

Starter on.

Set throttle.

Press starter, when engine turns correct way, mags on both.

When engine fires, set throttle and prime as necessary.

Set 1000 RPM.

Close Gills until cylinder head temp rises, then open as necessary.

Open oil cooler as necessary.


Before Taxi.

Switches on as necessay.

Radio on and set.

Set DI to compass

Set altimeter.

Uncage artificial horizon.

Do not taxi until oil temp in green.

Note; tail wheel unlocked when stick forward.

Check brakes and steering.

Check pneumatic pressure maintained.

Check turn and slip move correctly.

Check DI moves correctly.


Engine checks.

Oil temp in green.

Cylinder head temp in green.

Set 2000 RPM

Check mags.

Exercise prop.

Check carb heat.

Set idle; engine continues to run.

Set 1000 RPM.

Pre take off vital checks.

Mags on both.

Trim set.

Flaps to 15°

Fuel on and sufficient.

Mixture fully rich.

Starter covered.

Primer locked.

Prop fully fine.

Oil temp green.

Cylinder head temp green.

Set DI to compass.

Switches on as necessary.

Controls full and free.

Hatches and harness’ secure.


Take off.

Set full power, then back to 7.5 boost.

Set prop to 2000 RPM.

Take off with tail up or 3 point.

7.5 boost, 2000 RPM.

Flaps up above 300 feet.

6.4 boost, 1860 RPM, no flaps.

Reduce throttle.

Flaps extend below 140kmh

Final approach 110kmh, Prop to fine

Note land with stick back to ensure tail wheel locked – risk of ground loops.


Shut down.

Brakes on.

Set 1000 RPM

Check mags.

Flaps up.

Close carb heat.

Unnecessary electrics off.

Set idle.

Mags off.

Open gill flaps.

Electrics off.

Close pneumatic valve.

Stick free and brakes off for manoeuvring.

Drain water trap