YAK 55

YAK 55 & YAK 55M

YAK 55 to SU29 comparison

The YAK 55 (long wing) or YAK 55M is a mid-wing aircraft built for unlimited competition aerobatics. It has about 80% of the performance of the SU26 but at 1/3rd of the cost!. It is also powered by the M14P or M14PF (400hp) The “long wing” has less form drag and therefore does not lose height this makes it ideal for the World advanced championships, display flying with high visibility (especially with smoke) also allowing Sponsors logo’s to be VERY LARGE!! Various videos of the YAK 55 doing lomcovaks scroll down the the YAK 55.

VNE 257 Kts
70% 143 Kts
Stall 57 Kts
Wing span 8.1 Meters
Length 7.07 Meters
Aerobatic load factors +9g-6g
Empty weight weight 723 KGs
T/O run 135 Meters
Engine M14P (360 HP) or M14PF (400HP)