YAK 50

YAK 50 Instrument panel image
YAK 50, returning from Termikas, Lithuania.YAK 50, designed in the 1970’s as a derivative of the YAK 18 series of a/c specifically for World Aerobatic contests. Flying in the hands of Victor Smolin his notable achievement was becoming World Champion in 1982.In effect you could say this is the single seat version of the 52, weighing 345 KGs less! It has the same power to weight as a P51 Mustang. The type finished production in 1985.This aircraft will be a collector’s aircraft in a short space of time just like the Jungmeister!System parts, instruments and engine are the same as the 52, therefore spares no problem, as the YAK 52 is in current production. A poor man’s fighter!We fully overhaul the aircraft, a simple statement but every system is removed even down to the pneumatic ridged pipes which are replaced for new non corroding CUNIFER, Oleos, u/c jacks, instrument calibrations, shuttle valves, crack checked with magnaflux, many new parts fitted, and finally painting to the clients chosen scheme be it “Ward-bird” or “Classic”. Engine choice is down to the client but we have overhauled 360hp, new made 2002-360hp and 400 hp upgrades available.
YAK 50
VNE 257 Kts, 470 Kph
70% 143 Kts, 265 Kph
Stall 57 Kts, 110 Kph
Wing span 9.3 Meters
Length 7.75 Meters
Aerobatic load factors +9g-6g
Max. T/O weight 995 KGs
T/O run 125 Meters.Engine M14P (360 HP) or M14PF (400HP)”Comparable experience to a W.W.II fighter at a fraction of the cost!” Commander in chief, RAF Strike Command, Sir John Allison, former owner G-BTZB YAK 50.Rate of climb with 400 HP is phenomenal, brakes off to 5000ft is 2;15 seconds!At 19,000ft a standard a/c is still climbing at 500 fpm, I am yet to take an a/c above this height without oxygen but watch this space I will do, just to see what the ceiling is!!

3 view drawings for paint schemes