YAK 50 for Sale – sold in 2 weeks

Sold September 17

Just coming to the market. To be sold with new UK annual inspection and permit to fly.

This aircraft has 487 hrs TTSN.

The engine was replaced May 2002 with a NEW engine giving 750 hrs TBO. Now 178:35 hrs

Propeller 45:35 SMOH on 9-April 2014

Smoke system.

BU79 fitted.

long range second fuel tank

Wing tip aileron lightening spades

Life items.

Engine remaining 572 hours

Flex pipes due April 2020

Propeller due April 2020

Carb diaphram March 2022

Bottles pressure test due March 2018

YAK UK have maintained this aircraft since Mark Jefferies inported it and owned it in 1996. It then passed into the hands of Gene Wilson owner of Titan Airways and then more recently owned by Ralph Hubbard. Ralph lead a very active life and owned a number of aircraft this being one such machine.

The radio and transponder are not 8.33 or mode S.

With exception to avionics this is a very good aircraft with lots of life remaining.