YAK 50 for sale – sold

The “Mad Russian” is on the market ! – sold October 2020

This aircraft was originally imported to the UK by YAK UK Ltd as LY-AMO then G-BVVO and now on the Polish register as SP-YYH. 

Copies of the log books and maintenance records will be sent on request.

Yak 50 – SN 853007

Airframe : 309h – since Overhaul by Termikas : 105h

Engine: : since overhaul : 104h

Prop: since overhaul 2020: 4:42h

Permit to fly: until March 2021

Mods and additions

– oil inlet drain-kit;
– scavange-pump;
– oil shutoff valve;
– aileron spades;
– 4 fuel tanks ( 2 fuselage/ 2 Wings) 70 its per side.
– all SB/AD

a very high specification aircraft.

[all information as supplied by the owner/ seller to be independently verified]