YAK 12

The YAK 12 is a high wing aircraft built in 1952. The type served as an air ambulance and was know for its ability to tow gliders out of small field after out field landings. It is said that it can take off across the ridges of a potatoe field.!! Speed is not great being 180 KPH for the YAK 12A. 4 seats with lots of luggage space. Rear seats fold down, there is ample room to put a bed and make this a motor home of the air!

After 18 months of design and building Termikas have manufactured amphibian floats for the YAK 12, the design utilises the YAK 52 retractable undercarriage.

The aircraft is fitted with 300 hp AI14RA and a 3 blade metal propeller.

VNE 116 Kts
70% 97 Kts
Stall 48 Kts
Wing span 12.6 Meters
Length 9.0 Meters
Max. T/O weight 1450 KGs
Technical details of all models of YAK 12